5 Warning Signs You Need to Call Pest Control

5 Warning Signs You Need to Call Pest Control

Insect statistics make for scary reading. Here’s one that will make your skin crawl. Did you know it’s thought that for every pound of human there are 300 pounds of insects

One of the reasons for this is that insects multiply so fast. That means that your home can go from being the normal insect refuge to a full-blown pest infestation quite quickly. Don’t panic; in this article, we’ll help you know 5 warning signs you need to call pest control. 

1. Dropping Give Away

Keep your eye out for droppings. This is one of the clearest pest infestation signs in your house. If you spot anything that you even suspect is droppings, then before you are quick to clean it up, keep some in a small bag. 

That might seem like a loathsome idea but when the pest control team comes, they can learn a lot from the droppings. For example, they may be able to identify what type of insect it is and also the best course of treatment to get rid of them.

2. Nose Knows Best

Trust your own nose. If you’re picking up a musty or unfamiliar smell that can’t be explained then it’s possible you have an infestation. As the number of little creatures increases inside your home, some of them may die and give off a decaying smell.

Also other bits of dead matter and decaying material may be building up inside your home. You know the smells in your own house, and so if you detect something new, then don’t hesitate to call in pest control to investigate if you have a pest problem.

3. Visible Invisible

If you see a dead cockroach or some other insect, then you can be sure that what’s visible to you is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak. For every one dead insect, there could be hundreds hidden from sight. 

Every house will have insects but if you start to spot dead insects, then something has changed. Don’t let the situation escalate, far better safe than sorry by calling in the experts.

4. Sounds Like a Problem

If you hear an unfamiliar sound, such as scratching or scraping coming from the walls, the floorboards, or the ceiling, then you could have an infestation. 

We live busy noisy lives, with people talking, music playing, video games, and numerous other sound generating devices. So it can be difficult to listen and hear such sounds. So from time to time, turn everything off and listen for the silence; if that gets disturbed by those unwelcome sounds mentioned above, call for pest control.

5. Killer Ladybugs

Ladybugs look cute and seem harmless to us. While that is true, it’s worth knowing they feed on other little bugs. That means their presence in your house is not just a pleasant social visit.

It could mean you have an infestation of smaller bugs that are attracting the ladybugs. One thing you definitely don’t want in your house or around your house is mosquitoes. Use a professional company for mosquito control on a regular basis.

No More Pest Infestation

If you see any of the signs described in this article, be sure to take action and call in help. If you delay, what may have been a small problem could escalate into a nightmare pest infestation.

Be aware of what’s happening in your own home and look for changes that could indicate the bugs are on the rampage. Check out other articles trending on our site that offer practical tips for life.

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