Are you concerned that a loved one may be dealing with an addiction problem? Look out for these 5 major warning signs of substance abuse.

5 Warning Signs of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a widespread issue plaguing millions of Americans. Mental health issues are prevalent right now, and they often co-exist with an addiction problem.

However, the signs can be recognized, and they must be recognized in order to save a person’s life.

If you are worried that you or someone you know is abusing drugs and alcohol, it’s important to recognize the signs and take action. So for your’s or your friend or family member’s sake, here are five major signs of substance abuse to look out for.

1. Apathy Towards Serious Responsibilities

Addicts can often be so preoccupied with their drug addiction that they will ignore major responsibilities for the sake of seeking their next fix. For children, this can mean declining grades as well as a disinterest in education and school activities. For adults, this can mean being tired or disinterested in work or being chronically late.

2. Changes In Physical Appearance

The neglect addicts show in their daily responsibilities can also translate into their self-care. Sudden weight loss and poor hygiene can often start to manifest when a person is fixated on getting high more than they are in taking care of themselves.

Moreover, constant substance abuse can cause a major toll on one’s body. Yellow skin from jaundice, acne and marks can appear when someone is damaging their body with substance abuse.

3. Abnormal Bodily Reactions

Substance abuse can cause strange reactions in the body. Many of those reactions are related to the sex of the addict in question.

For example, men can experience fertility issues and a shrinking of their testes. Women are more prone to losing weight and developing anxiety attacks, and they have also been known to develop baldness patterns more regularly seen in men.

4. Dangerous Behavior Patterns

While neglect is a serious matter, a much direr behavioral issue with addicts is when their behavior becomes dangerous. Addicts are more likely to perform criminal deeds for money to fund their addiction. Crimes such as theft, paid killing, and prostitution are dangerous and common ways to fund one’s drug problem.

5. Distancing From Loved Ones

Addicts tend to distance themselves from the friends and family they once held dear. They may feel judged by those people, or they may feel shame for letting them down. More often than not, these people want to help them, but the addict is unable to swallow their pride to allow the help.

If you or someone you care about is showing these signs, there could be a drug problem involved. They may need professional help at a drug treatment center.

Hope Rising Recovery is an excellent rehab center for helping an addict through withdrawal and recovery. Furthermore, activities such as yoga and exercise can help addicts engage with others again and be more ready to connect with those close to them again. Hope Rising is here to help the addict get their lives back.

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Know The Signs Of Substance Abuse And Stop The Cycle

If you or someone you know is showing these signs of substance abuse, shame isn’t going to help, but admitting it is. It’s time to see these signs, acknowledge them, and begin making the right steps moving forward towards a freer and healthier life.

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