Prostate cancer should always be addressed as soon as possible. Here are five warning signs of prostate cancer that you shouldn’t ignore.

5 Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer: Your Essential Guide

Quick, think about the most common forms of cancer. Are you thinking about prostate cancer?

You should. Prostate cancer was the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States in 2019. 111.6 new cases of it occurred per 100,000 people that year. 

One reason why so many cases happen is that people are ignorant about prostate cancer. You need to know the signs, and you need to know when to seek help. 

What kinds of pain and discomfort can prostate cancer create? Can prostate cancer affect your ability to urinate or ejaculate? How can prostate cancer affect your other organs? 

Answer these questions and you can take charge of your prostate health. Here are five signs you must be mindful of.

1. Pain

Prostate cancer may not present with any symptoms during its initial stages. The first symptom you may notice is pain. 

The pain can come suddenly, or you may experience it while you are urinating or lying down on your stomach. The sensation may come from your prostate or the bones in your pelvis. Some people also experience pain as they sit down, which can make it hard to sit for long periods.

2. Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is another sign you may notice early on. You may need to go to the bathroom several times, including at night. Even if you hadn’t had any beverages in a few hours, you may feel the urge to urinate. 

Some people experience difficulties while they are urinating. They may not be able to start or stop urinating, even after straining. 

3. Blood in Your Urine

Blood in your urine is one of the most troubling symptoms of prostate cancer. You may notice only a little blood, or you may find many drops of it. You may also pass blood in your semen after you ejaculate. 

4. Weight Loss

Cancer cells use more energy than healthy cells, leading to weight loss. If you are losing weight for no apparent reason, you may have prostate cancer. 

Keep in mind that prostate cancer treatment can lead to weight loss by creating digestive problems. Before you pursue treatment, you should ask your doctor, “How does this treatment work?” You should understand how you can gain weight to counteract the side effects.

5. Erectile Dysfunction

Cancer cells can impede the blood flow to your genitals, leading to erectile dysfunction. Cancer treatment can also reduce your sexual desire and affect your nerves. 

Having erectile dysfunction does not mean that you have cancer. But if it occurs without warning, you should get checked out just to make sure everything is okay.

The Most Significant Signs of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is more complicated than you think. It causes a specific kind of pain that occurs deep in your groin while you sit down. It can also cause you to urinate frequently and struggle to urinate. 

You may notice blood in your urine as your cancer continues. Before and after treatment, you may experience weight loss and erectile dysfunction. You should ask your doctor about side effects so you can determine if your treatment is going well. 

Prostate cancer treatment can mean a few different things. Read guides to cancer treatment by following our coverage.

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