5 Warning Signs Of A Possible Heroin Addiction

5 Warning Signs Of A Possible Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is a serious problem in today’s society. The number of deaths from heroin overdose has increased dramatically over the last decade.

Heroin is a highly addictive opioid narcotic that comes from the poppy plant. It is usually injected into the body, although some addicts smoke it.

Heroin is often sold in powder form and mixed with other substances to increase its potency. Its addiction is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and taking, despite its negative consequences. Heroin is among the most addictive drugs, and although no one intends to become an addict, they find themselves unable to feel normal without using it. Here are five warning signs of heroin addiction.

1. Track Marks from IV Drug Use

Heroin addiction leads to IV drug use, and a heroin addict will have track marks from IV drug use. Track marks are the wounds on the vein where heroin is injected and are most common in individuals with severe heroin addiction. Track marks from IV drug use damage the veins, especially since addicts inject the same spots repeatedly.

For easy identification, track marks from IV drug use look like small holes in the skin and include scabbing or bruising. Noticeable track marks from IV drug use show a high frequency of drug abuse, recency of the injection, an individual’s skin sensitivity, and the presence of other underlying health problems.

2. Withdrawal Symptoms and Physical Signs

Heroin addicts experience withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, restlessness, muscle aches, and cravings.

Besides these symptoms, there are noticeable physical signs of heroin addiction. Some signs include sudden weight loss, constricted pupils, bloodshot eyes, drowsiness, and change of appearance. For example, a formally clean person no longer cares about personal grooming and looks shaggy.

3. Behavior Change

Most addicts will begin being secretive and will avoid the company of others, especially since they are hiding their behavior. In addition, they lose motivation and no longer enjoy the activities they love. These behavioral changes are a common sign of the early addiction phase.

4. Financial Problems

Heroin addiction is an expensive lifestyle that requires a constant flow of money for the addict to remain high. So, since addicts wouldn’t want to experience the withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin abuse, they will use up their savings or even sell their property to enable them to purchase the drug. Although not everyone facing financial problems is a heroin addict, this is a major warning sign, especially if the person is financially stable.

5. HIV Infection

Since track marks from IV drug use are a telltale sign of heroin addiction, they also show that addicts may risk HIV or hepatitis infection from sharing needles. Also, they may be involved in risky sexual behavior that can expose them to HIV and other STDs.


 If left untreated, heroin abuse can cause death. However, treatment options are available to relieve the devastating effects of heroin abuse. So, if you suspect someone you care about might be addicted to heroin or notice track marks from IV drug use, you should take action immediately.

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