An outdoor living room can be a great space to spend time with friends and family. Learn how to create an inviting and comfortable space here.

5 Tips on How to Create an Inviting Outdoor Living Room

It’s a perfect spring day, and your family and friends are coming over for the afternoon. Don’t stay cooped up in the house and miss the perfect weather. Take your gathering outdoors!

Extend the feel of your home into your backyard with a comfortable and inviting outdoor living room to bring everyone together. Read on to learn five outdoor living room ideas to create your ideal space.

1. Keep it Clean

Before you get started, you will want to make sure that your outdoor space is clean. Try power-washing your patio to give you a clean slate to start. Declutter, clean, and organize any toys, an existing outdoor living room set or seating area, and grills or cooking spaces.

Having a covered shelter area helps keep your outdoor space clean all year. If a covered patio isn’t an option for you, you may consider a gazebo or large umbrella to cover your seating area. 

2. Make it Cozy

You don’t want to use your beautiful outdoor space only during the day. During cooler evenings, keep your backyard cozy and add an outdoor living room fireplace.

An outdoor fireplace brings your space to life at all times of the year. Add warmth and soft lighting with a fireplace that would become the focal point of your outdoor seating area.

3. Bring the Inside Out

To carry the experience of your indoor living room outside, you need to make sure it’s just as comfortable. Hard or uncomfortable patio furniture will leave you and your guests longing to head back inside.

Consider investing in comfortable outdoor living room furniture with a quality feel and materials. High-quality sets will last longer and will be more comfortable to enjoy.

Another way to create the living room experience outside is by pulling the space together with an outdoor rug. Create a cozy, shoes-off experience with an outdoor rug like the ones at

4. Consider Dining Options

If you enjoy outdoor meals, you don’t want to purchase furniture without making sure it’s conducive for outdoor dining.

Rather than solely purchasing couches or chairs, you might consider purchasing a table or end tables. Doing so gives you and your guests places to set plates or cups.

If you tend to lean towards an outdoor dining experience, you may want to purchase a complete outdoor dining set that’s both comfortable and practical for your dinner parties.

5. Create Privacy

It’s not easy to enjoy your backyard space if there are many distractions or people who can easily see into your yard. For homes in high-traffic areas or limited privacy, you will want to add features that create more privacy.

Consider adding shrubbery, trees, or greenery for a natural solution. Pergolas for climbing vines or garden walls are great options to add a relaxing experience while limiting views from those nearby.

Create Your Outdoor Living Room as an Oasis

Are you spending too much time indoors and wish you could utilize your backyard consistently to relax and refresh? Get creative and begin customizing your outdoor living room to give you the backyard oasis you want and your guests will love. 

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