When it comes to grooming, you don't want to spend more time than you have to. Get things done quickly and easily with these mens grooming tools.

5 Mens Grooming Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

The men’s grooming market looks set to reach $78.5 billion by 2025. As well as increased spending on men’s grooming tools, personal hygiene accessories, and men’s beauty products, it’s becoming more usual to see beauty-oriented gifts for him in stores and online. 

But we’re also seeing a lot more beauty consciousness among men, as well as growing awareness about the aesthetic appeal of a groomed body. From manscaping below the waist to fine-tuning your facial hair, there’s no excuse for unwanted hair or poor personal hygiene anymore!

Although, you’ll need the equipment if you want the best results! Let’s take a look at some of the best grooming tools around!

1. Electric Shaver

Even if you usually prefer a wet shave, we’d recommend investing in an electric shaver. As you’ll see when you first try one out, they give the kind of close shave and fresh-faced results you’re looking for. Plus, the results can last for a good day or two. And, razor burn will be a thing of the past, as will ingrown hairs and other irritations. 

Electric shavers are also super easy to use. They allow you to shave pretty much anywhere, including the gym, right there in the shower, or in the car before work. Although, we wouldn’t advise you to use an electric shaver while you’re driving, even if you are stuck in traffic and late for a meeting!

2. Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

Ear and nose hairs often sneak up on you. One minute you’re clear. Then the next minute, you have a small forest threatening to come out of your nostrils. And that’s why an ear and nose trimmer is one of the most essential grooming tools. 

Sure, you could use tweezers to catch those odd hairs that sprout from your ears at random intervals. You could even use a small pair of nail scissors to trim low-hanging nose hairs. But do you really want to have to pluck and cut these hairs all the time?

It can be tricky even seeing some of these hairs, while getting to them at just the right angle to remove them is a whole other level of difficult. And then there’s the risk of accidentally snipping at your ear or pulling out a bunch of nose hairs at once. Ouch!

As well as saving yourself the trouble and pain of plucking, using an ear and nose hair trimmer guarantees a smooth finish and no risk of irritation. Many of these trimmers also come with an advanced vacuum system to clear out any loose hair, and are easy to clean when you’re done. 

3. Body Groomer

Beard trimmers adapt to the curves of your face and neck to help you achieve the level of growth you want. Hair clippers work to tackle the coarse hairs on your head and smooth past the curve of your scalp. 

Neither of these tools, however, are quite right for tackling the hair that grows on the rest of your body. Manscaping – especially below the waistline – requires a customized tool designed with all those angles and risky areas in mind.

As this electric ball shaver guide explains, you need a groomer that changes the way the blades rest against your body. This means that the fool will fit into crevices and sail past curves as needed. The guide also lists some of the best body groomers on the market, and the kind of must-haves to keep in mind when buying this kind of specialized men’s grooming tool. 

4. Electric Toothbrush 

You have to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. You’re also meant to replace your brush (or brush head) every three months. If you struggle with these guidelines, you could do with an electric toothbrush.

We’re not talking about any old electric toothbrush though. The new wave of advanced personal hygiene tools for teeth come with timers to alert you when you’re done brushing. And some are even advanced enough to have an automatic head replenishment program. 

This way, you’ll know when to stop brushing and you’ll never use a brush head past its peak performance. Although, you may need to brush up (pun intended!) on the correct way to use an electric toothbrush

5. Long-Reach Angled Nail Scissors 

It’s no use trimming, shaving, and waxing away all of your body hair if you’re going to neglect your nails. Between your fingers and your toes, there’s lots of potential for bacteria-infested grime and dirt to gather under your nails. Plus, neat, manicured nails look way better than gnarly old claws – and that goes double for your feet!

Unfortunately, the nail-trimming process has yet to receive an electrical or battery-operated update. So, you’ll have to stick to good old-fashioned cutting. But forget using your old nail clippers or whatever scissors you can find lying around in your kitchen. 

By far the best tool for this particular job is a pair of long-reach angled nail scissors. Unlike regular nail scissors, these are much longer, allowing you to reach down to your toes with ease. Plus, the sharp, angled blades make cutting through even the thickest and most unforgiving nails a breeze!

Make Your Life Easier With These Men’s Grooming Tools

As this list shows, there are a lot more specialized men’s grooming tools out there than many people realize. 

While you might have resorted to tackling your pubic hairs with an electric shaver in the past, there’s no need to run the risk of a nasty cut down there anymore! And, we guarantee you won’t miss the eye-watering pain of plucking out your nose hairs once you get your hands on an ear and nose hair trimmer!

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