Money doesn't have to be the only green thing about your investments! Check out these 5 green investing ideas to help out Mother Earth.

5 Green Investing Ideas for Environmentalists

Did you know that out of the $51.4 trillion in U.S. assets under professional management, 33% are deemed sustainable or green investments? And that number is just the beginning. 

As climate change/carbon and sustainable natural resources become increasingly more important to Americans, green investing will become ubiquitous. But what kind of green stocks can you invest in? If you are searching for green investment opportunities, keep reading!

1. Renewable Energy

One of the easiest and effective ways to invest in green investments is to put your money into the renewable energy industry. You can do this either by getting solar panels installed on your roof and using that as a source of passive income. Or you can invest in companies that are building brand-new renewable energy projects. 

Many companies are using all sorts of renewable resources to create power. Like companies that use dry steam wells or hot water wells to create geothermal energy

2. Green Businesses

Besides renewable energy, many businesses are working on green projects. For example, some companies produce sneakers made out of coffee grinds or purses made out of cactus leather.

Humans are thinking out of the box and creatively to build products for customers that are sustainable, green, and reduce their footprint on Mother Earth. Find such companies and invest in them so they can build bigger projects and keep going on their sustainable journey. 

3. Green Stocks

Many companies are listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE that are green and environmentally friendly. They are called green stocks and you can hire investment management companies like which are focused on eco investing.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding green stocks on your own, these investment companies can be your ticket to green investing. They scour the world to find green investing ideas for their investors while making huge profits. Who says you can’t be rich and green at the same time? 

4. Green Mutual Funds

There are green mutual funds as well, where all their investments, be it stocks, bonds, or ETFs are green investments. They focus entirely on companies that are doing good in the world, reducing their carbon footprint, creating sustainable resources, or doing something eco-friendly. They are also called socially responsible investments. 

5. Green Bonds

If you would like a green investment that’s not too risky with small but reliable annual gains, consider investing in green bonds. These bonds make a short-term profit for you, but also reinvest any profits made into new and existing environmental projects. This way you can do good and feel good, but make profits at the same time. 

Green Investing Doesn’t Mean You Need to Forsake Profits

Too many people have the false notion that green investing means you need to forego profits and focus entirely on green eco investing. There are many companies out there who are making the big bucks while at the same time protecting and coddling the environment. It’s possible to do both!

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