If you're having a hard time finding the right online casino, you need to read this guide! These are the qualities the top-rated online casinos have in common.

4 Qualities All the Top-Rated Online Casinos Have in Common

Over a quarter of the world’s population gambles, or 1.6 billion people worldwide.

At least 4.2 billion people gamble at least once a year.

When it comes to online gambling, the numbers remain high there, too. In the US, online gambling contributes to an astounding $306.5 billion industry. 

If you’ve landed here today, that means you’re ready to dabble in the online gambling world. Perhaps you don’t have a nearby casino to play at and you’re looking for some top-rated online casinos to spend some time (and some money!). 

That leaves you with the question of how to choose an online casino. In this guide, we highlight the qualities all the best online casinos have in common. Keep reading to ensure you’re going to the right places.

1. They’re Legal

Online gambling isn’t legal everywhere in the US, posing a risk for those who want to play while still abiding by the law.

Unfortunately, most states in the US have made online gambling illegal. The three that permit it? 

Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey.

On Nevada’s online gambling sites, you’ll find poker, and Delaware and New Jersey offer poker sites in addition to online casinos as well. If you see any site that claims to allow sports betting, consider it a red flag. Sports betting is outlawed everywhere on the web.

2. They Have Positive Reviews

If there’s a lack of reviews, you should also have a lack of confidence.

All the top-rated online casinos have long-standing, positive reviews—something that can attest to legitimacy, customer service, secure banking options, and more. 

Look for in-depth online casino reviews from dedicated reviews sites, Google, Reddit, and other platforms. As always, consider legality one of the most important factors of any review.

3. They Offer Customer Support

Just like any other website where you conduct business or spend money, you should be offered customer support.

Because most of the online casinos you’ll visit operate 24 hours a day, so, too, should the customer service options. 

4. They Conduct (And Pass) Independent Audits

If an online casino is independently audited, you’ll know about it.

They’ll proudly boast seals of approval from internationally approved agencies, such as eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), a standards organization based out of London, or Gaming Labs International (GLI), a transparent testing and certification service.

Look for these symbols of approval—something every high-quality online casino has.

Find Top-Rated Online Casinos With a Little Luck—And These Tips

Now that you know the signs of a good online casino, it’s time to get out the ol’ credit card and take action.

Keep this guide pulled up as you search, double-checking the reviews, legitimacy, and legality (among others) of any prospects. In no time, you should be playing a hand of poker or pulling that virtual slot machine handle. 

Good luck winning big at the top-rated online casinos. When you win big, don’t forget to thank the little guys (we mean us—and we’re kidding!). 

For more great gambling tips and a slew of other financial topics, come back to our site often!

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