Sexual dysfunction is often more common than we realize. We take a look at some of these sexual dysfunction symptoms and what to do about them.

4 Common Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms and What to Do

Sex is a complex thing, to say the least. While some enjoy completely healthy sex lives, many individuals struggle with sex on some level. This is where sexual dysfunction comes into play. 

Curious as to sexual dysfunction symptoms you should be looking out for? Then read on. Not only are we going to discuss common dysfunctions but we’re also going to talk about strategies for combatting those dysfunctions. 

1. Decreased Libido

Few people want to have sex all of the time. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable for everyone to have their own libido. But if your libido drops off a cliff out of nowhere, there’s something awry. 

There are all sorts of problems that could lead to decreased libido, from depression to hormonal imbalances to stress to sleep issues, and more. The key is to find the source of your reduced libido and then create a plan to combat the issue. 

So, if stress is keeping you disinterested in sex, you must find ways to combat stress in your life. Maybe you could lighten your workload or meditate. Do whatever is necessary to eliminate the core issues. 

2. Pain During Sex

One of the worst sexual dysfunctions to suffer is pain during sex. While men and women can both suffer from this, it’s particularly prominent in women. 

Whether it’s a numb vagina, a burning penis, or otherwise, it’s a problem best left to the professionals. So, call up your doctor and schedule an appointment. They’ll help you receive the treatment you require and, eventually, the feeling should subside. 

3. Erectile Dysfunction

Perhaps the most commonly known form of sexual dysfunction is erectile dysfunction. This, of course, describes the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, either before sex or during it. 

There can be many factors contributing to erectile dysfunction. In many cases, stress is the culprit. In other cases, physical exhaustion can be the issue. 

Alcohol and drug use can cause erectile dysfunction as well, as can some medications. You might even be suffering from blood flow issues. 

If you’re like most men suffering from ED, the problem is more mental than it is physical. As such, psychological therapy might help. If you think it’s a physiological problem, on the other hand, see a doctor. 

4. Orgasm Issues

The last symptom to look out for is orgasm issues. This can include ejaculating too quickly, taking too long to ejaculate, or having an inability to climax.  

The causes of such issues? They’re many. In many cases, stress and anxiety contribute the most. 

However, the use of medication can have these effects also. In cases where the individual can’t reach orgasm, there might actually be something wrong with the mechanics of the sexual activity. 

Try to find the source of your issues and then work to eliminate that source. This could require eventually professional help. But to get started, use trial and error. 

Don’t Let Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms Dominate Your Life

If you want to have a satisfying sex life, you need to beat your sexual dysfunction symptoms. Putting these dysfunctions in your rear-view mirror will help you throw yourself headlong into sex, allowing for much more fulfilling sexual experiences. 

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