It is important to do everything you can to prevent break-ins and keep your family safe. Check out these 3 essential home security tips for more.

3 Home Security Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

What are the odds of burglars breaking into your home?

Over one million burglaries occur every year in the United States. Considering that there are about 120 million households in the U.S, it’s easy to dismiss the number of burglaries as insignificant.

However, you’ll be making a big mistake, especially if you haven’t taken any steps to secure your home. Burglars typically scan around neighborhoods, looking for homes that are easy targets before attacking.

It’s in your best interest to take the necessary steps to protect your home. Use the following home security tips as a starting point:

Live in a Safe Neighborhood

If you’re currently shopping for a home, this tip applies to you. The first step to ensuring home security is to buy a home in a neighborhood that has a reputation for good security. Such neighborhoods will have frequent police patrols, for instance.  

What if you already have a home and live in a neighborhood with alarming insecurity levels?

Well, you can consider selling the home and moving to a safe neighborhood. Sure, this can mean taking a loss on the property sale (or not making any profit), but when the safety of you and your family is your top priority, the move will be worth it. Plus, the peace of mind will be priceless.

Install CCTV and Alarms

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, don’t leave anything to chance. And if your neighborhood’s security isn’t great, you have an even bigger reason to install a CCTV system, as well as security alarms.

A CCTV system is an effective burglary deterrent. You already know burglars like to look for soft targets before making a move. If your home has a visibly-installed CCTV system, burglars will be discouraged since they don’t want to be caught on camera.

Even then, burglars have found ways to bypass these systems. Wearing a mask, for example, can make it harder for law enforcement to identify the criminals even if they’re caught on camera. Or they can break-in at night when the cameras are least effective in capturing the surroundings.

This is where a night vision spy camera comes in. Hidden from plain sight, this camera will record clear videos even in the dead of the night. Some versions of these cameras are internet-enabled and can as such send alerts to your phone when they detect something.

Go Big on Door and Window Security

Burglars typically break in when no one is home or during the night when the household is asleep. This means they have to compromise window or door security.

Are your doors and windows secure enough or they’ll let loose with a few kicks of the burglar? Get the best door locks and reinforce your doors and windows accordingly.

Make Use of These Home Security Tips

Home security is an important aspect of homeownership. It’s your responsibility to ensure your property is safe and inaccessible to burglars and other bad characters. Put these home security tips to use and you’ll have a safer home.

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