As technologies advance, so too do our options when it comes to medical procedures. Here are some of the emerging dental implant technologies to watch.

3 Dental Implant Technologies to Smile About in 2023

Are you suffering from an old, incapable, or missing tooth? Are you in serious need of an oral restoration and struggling to find a quality solution that suits your desires? Well, quality dental implant technologies are here to the rescue!

In the year 2020, we saw advances in digital health and technology. These advancements introduced better, faster ways for the medical and dental professions to provide for and treat patients.

Similarly, in the upcoming year, innovations and digital health enhancements will deliver better oral health solutions. So you should smile about that.

Let’s take a look!

1. 3D Printed Titanium Implants

Dental implant technologies involving 3D printed titanium implants are quite advanced and becoming more mainstream than ever before. These implants have already brought a smile to millions of people across the world.

3D printing has been used to create titanium implants that offer more stability, better-designed artificial crowns, and fewer complications in the long run when compared to traditional solutions.

This implant technology can even be tailored to any patient needing a replacement tooth. Those requiring a less invasive solution can also benefit from this technology.

All in all, 3D printed titanium implants are a promising technology to beautify smiles in 2023 and beyond.

2. Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery has taken dental implant technology to a whole new level. Because the accuracy of robotic operated surgery is now so precise, implant procedures can be performed quickly, safely, and with little to no pain for the patient. 

One unique robot-assisted surgical can plan, place, and restore dental implants in a single sitting. This robot-assisted surgery allows for the most difficult of implant extractions to be completed in as little as thirty minutes.

This quick and minimally invasive surgery greatly reduces the risk of complications associated with traditional implant methods, as well as reduces the amount of recovery time patients must endure following the procedure.  

3. Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a cutting-edge technology that is rapidly gaining popularity in the field of dental care. This technology is primarily used for soft tissue procedures like gum reshaping or to treat a canker sore. In addition to its recent use, laser dentistry is also emerging as a viable solution for dental implant placement and other restorative treatments.

The use of the laser in dentistry can shorten the procedure time and reduce the healing time for the patient. The precision and speed of laser dentistry make it an attractive solution for repairing teeth damaged by decay or other injuries.

This service can also be used to reshape teeth or remove tissue. Additionally, lasers can be used to activate bleaching agents, allowing a brighter, whiter smile in less time.  

Learn More About Dental Implant Technologies Today

Thanks to the advancements in dental implant technologies, 2023 will be a year to smile about! Implants are becoming almost undetectable and cost-effective options with shorter recovery times.

If you or a loved one is considering a dental implant, now is the time to learn more and make an appointment. Don’t wait to start feeling confident in your smile, and get ready to show it off in the year 2023.

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