Did you know that not all gold is mined and refined the same exact way? Here are the many different types of gold that exist on the market today.

What Are the Different Types of Gold That Exist on the Market Today?

Do you look at the state of the economy and fear rising inflation?

If so, you’re likely wondering what are the best investments you can make to hedge against inflation. One of the smart investments that have stood the test of time has been precious metals investments.

Among the options in the precious metals market, the gold market is always a great option for protecting your wealth.

Here are the types of gold you should consider buying:

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry doesn’t just have to be for fashion purposes! If you want an alternative to gold bullion, you can use jewelry to store your wealth.

If you want to use gold jewelry for storing your wealth, you want to consider the karat amount.

The most popular types of gold jewelry come in 4 different karat levels: 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22K. The lower the karat, the lower the amount of pure gold content.

However, the more pure gold content there is the higher the cost of the gold jewelry. If you want to use gold jewelry for investing, you can consider accumulating cheaper jewelry first. Or you can save up to buy a few pieces of 18K or 22K jewelry.

Make sure you also learn how to maintain your jewelry. Your gold jewelry can lose its value if you don’t clean it.

Gold Bullion

The most popular type of gold for investment purposes is gold bullion. This refers to gold that’s been shaped into a gold round or gold bars.

So which is the better option to invest in?

If you want to accumulate as much gold as possible, it’s best to invest in gold rounds. These can come in small weight classes such as 1 Troy Ounce.

You can also buy fractional gold rounds. These are ideal if you also want to use gold as money in the future. For most of human civilization, gold was used as money. In many jurisdictions, gold is still a legal tender!

If you want to accumulate as much weight in gold as possible, then you want to opt for gold bars. These are usually more expensive as they come in heavier weights.

You want to make sure that you find storage solutions if you buy gold bullion. These are more valuable than gold jewelry. As such, you want to make sure you store them in a safe or a vault.

You should find precious metals mints and manufacturers where you can buy the best bullion on the gold market. A website such as investorcrate.com can help you find the best options for the gold market.

Those Are the Types of Gold

These are the types of gold that you can buy for investing or storing as wealth.

Jewelry is one of the most popular options for the gold market. It’s great to use as a store of value.

Gold bullion is the best option for storing your wealth. Gold bullion can also get used as an alternative form of currency.

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