No two pairs of breasts are the same. Whether you leave them natural or opt for augmentation, learn about the different shapes of breasts.

What Are the Different Shapes of Breasts

There’s no way a woman can go through puberty and not notice that her breasts are different from her friends at some point.

Sometimes, it’s not even puberty that happens. Occasionally a woman will notice her breasts look different than her mother, sister, or best friend.

While it may seem like the vast numbers of women who have had an experience similar to this could confuse, it turns out breasts come in only a few shapes, even though these shapes tend to vary in appearance intensely.

If you’re wondering what the different shapes of breasts are, read on.

The Different Shapes of Breasts

The different shapes of breasts come in a variety of sizes and forms. Generally, breasts are categorized into these different shapes.


Round breasts are a desirable form among women. They usually provide a more youthful, attractive, and symmetrical look. Round breasts are generally described as having voluminous, firm, and large nipples that are typically close together.

For many women, round breasts have always been a feminine symbol of beauty and femininity. In some cultures, larger and rounder breasts represent fertility, vitality, and health.

Large and round breasts can give an impression of youth and health and often accentuate the waist and hips. Many women choose to enhance the size of their breasts to obtain a rounder breast shape for an attractive look and increase their self-confidence.

East West 

The term “East-West” is defined as a breast shape whereby the nipples point opposite directions, like an east-west compass direction. Breasts that face outwards on an upward diagonal, rather than pointing straight out, generally fit the east-west categorization. Those with the East-West shape are typically smaller to medium-sized and softer breasts.

Women with East-West breast shapes are generally more self-conscious. They feel more uncomfortable with their shape than other commonly accepted shapes. This can be attributed to the fact that the East-West shape is rarely seen in mainstream media and is not as widely accepted within society. 

Side Set 

Side Set is a shape of the breast that has started gaining popularity among women seeking to improve their shape. The goal is to achieve a symmetrical and balanced appearance to the d├ęcolletage region. You can achieve this by using contouring techniques and natural breast augmentation procedures.

A Side Set breast shape is characterized by wide cleavage, strong upper pole fullness, and a wide perimeter. The outer border is curved with a shallow inner border, resulting in a large and defined lower cleft. This shape is ideal for those seeking the perky appearance of a high-profile shape combined with the fullness of a moderate profile. 


In today’s culture, the teardrop shape of a breast is a sign of beauty, femininity, and confidence. Many fashions and swimwear companies have taken full advantage of the teardrop shape. They do this by making clothes that highlight the shape of the person wearing them.

When worn by people of all shapes and sizes, these clothes help create the perfect shape and frame the bust. Women’s fashion has used teardrop shapes for years, from push-ups and padded bras to ultra-feminine lingerie and beachwear.

The teardrop shape looks good and gives many women confidence. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this shape has become popular in the world we live in now, where images are so important.


Narrow occurs when the tissue in the breast is not evenly dispersed, and most of the tissue resides at the outer borders of the breast. This shape often results in the breast having a pinched or nipple-up appearance.

Women with narrow breasts may experience difficulty finding bras that fit properly. Manufacturers often design bras to fit full breasts, so many women with narrow breasts struggle to find bras that properly fit their shape.

Narrow breasts can also be less resistant to gravity, meaning there is a greater risk of saggy breasts over time. To avoid this issue, women with narrow breasts should focus on exercises that target their chest muscles. They should do push-ups, dumbbell chest presses, and chest flies. 

Bell Shape 

This shape is characterized by a rounder and fuller bottom that tapers up to a pointed top or nipple. The bell shape can often be seen in stores or online for bras.

Bell shape is especially popular for those with smaller breasts, as it helps to create a more naturally appealing shape. It also gives an overall lifted, round look to the bust.

Bell shape breasts also allow for a greater range of movements since the breasts are evenly distributed. It is perfect for women who want to keep a natural shape with an extra lift without plastic surgery or other enhancements.


Slender breasts often have a slight teardrop shape, with a roundness at the top that tapers off to a narrower base. Slender breasts may also have a conical shape, which means the breasts are rounded at the top, but narrow toward the bottom. They may be softer or droopier than other shapes and sizes.

For those who want a more dramatic look, breast augmentation at The Maercks Institute can help enhance and shape the breast size. Regardless of the shape and size, breasts are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.


Relaxed breasts are fuller in the center, with the sides of the breasts hanging down lower than the middle. This shape can be quite flattering on some body types, making them appear more proportionate.

However, this shape can create a significant amount of drag when exercising. Women with relaxed breasts should wear the appropriate support gear when exercising to ensure proper form and posture. 

No Two Pairs of Breasts Are the Same!

No two sets of breasts are the same – from their size, shape, and nipple types, breasts are as unique as the people they belong to. To truly embrace your body and its differences, it is essential to understand all the shapes and sizes breasts come in.

Awareness of the different shapes of breasts can help individuals become more educated and self-confident. It’s essential to accept and be proud of a person’s body type. 

However, if you have concerns about your breasts, visit your local doctor. You can also read up on personal experiences online.

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