Top 10 Granite Countertop Colors and Patterns for Your Kitchen

Top 10 Granite Countertop Colors and Patterns for Your Kitchen

Granite is a unique stone that comes in various colors and patterns depending on where it was quarried. These patterns and hues can make choosing the best one for your kitchen difficult.

You can choose from many granite countertops near me options to suit your style and budget. So, if you wanted to make your kitchen a bit more stylish in 2021, we’ve got you covered!

Black Pearl

Black Pearl is predominately black granite with speckles of gold, silvers, browns, greens, and shades of gray. It is a durable stone recommended for kitchen countertops and backsplashes.

This countertop color pairs well with white cabinets and light-colored furnishings. It also evokes a contemporary look.

Black & White

Black and white granite countertops are timeless and versatile and can add a sleek, modern feel to your kitchen. They can also increase the value of your home.

They are durable, easy to clean and resist stains and heat. They also hide dirt and scratches better than other countertop colors.

Dark Teal

Dark Teal granite provides a rich, earthy color that can enhance the look of wood-finished cabinets. It can be used as a neutral color to create a traditional kitchen or as a bright accent to complement a more modern style.

It is also durable, resistant to wear, freeze, and thaw, and can handle high heat without breaking. Its dense texture resists water and mildew, too.

Colonial White

Colonial White is a trendy choice for granite countertops. This light color is a neutral option that works well in classic and modern residential applications.

It has a creamy white base with black speckles and smoky silver accents. It also has a hint of rose-pink mineral deposits.

Black & White with hints of brown

White granite is an excellent option if you’re looking for a hygienic, easy-to-clean surface that won’t harbor mold and bacteria. It complements a variety of cabinet colors and works with most decor styles.

A deep blue color, like this one, is a great way to make the stone pop without offsetting it too much. Using this hue with white cabinets will create a bright and airy space.

Black & White with tiger stripes

Granite countertops come in incredible colors, veining, and finishes. They are also highly durable and can withstand heat from a hot pan or stove without showing signs of damage.

One of the most striking colors for a kitchen countertop is black and white with tiger stripes. This beautiful granite features spots of green, brown, grey, silver, and gold flecks that create stunning tiger stripes.

Black & White with silver flecks

Black and white granite works well in both classic and modern designs. It pairs well with white, ivory, or tan cabinetry.

It is also an excellent choice for kitchen backsplashes, where its silver and green flecks create a dramatic contrast against the darker backdrop of the cabinets.

Black & White with green flecks

Featuring dramatic black throughout, this granite has plenty of variation to create a dramatic and luxurious look. This color also pairs well with dark woods, making it a popular choice for kitchens.

This gorgeous stone is also available in a leathered finish, which makes it mildew-resistant and stain-resistant. It is also heat-resistant and durable enough for busy cooking areas.

Black & White with tiger stripes

This stunning combination is the perfect complement to any chic and contemporary kitchen. It is a timeless classic that will always stay in style.

Granite is a versatile stone that can look sophisticated and elegant or sleek and modern depending on its color, pattern, veining, and processing method. It is also one of the most durable countertop materials available.

Black & White with silver flecks

A monochrome kitchen is an iconic design style that never goes out of style. This look is a great way to introduce a pop of color without overwhelming the space.

Black granite countertops are ideal for this color scheme as they help balance light and dark. They also hide stains and spills, requiring less cleaning than lighter-colored ones.

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