If you have a loose adult tooth, you must take immediate action. We're explaining exactly what to do in this step-by-step guide.

This Is What to Do If You Have a Loose Adult Tooth

Most kids start getting loose teeth around the age of 6. Loose teeth fall out, and then adult teeth replace them. 

But adult teeth shouldn’t fall out. Nor should they become loose. 

So what should you do if you have a loose adult tooth? The answer is to seek immediate help for the tooth.

Here is a guide explaining the steps to take when this occurs.

Determine the Cause

You get one set of permanent teeth. So they should last a lifetime. But you might experience a loose permanent tooth on rare occasions.

Permanent teeth become loose for several reasons:

  • Trauma
  • Gum disease
  • Decay
  • Health issues
  • Grinding and clenching

Of course, other things might also cause a loose adult tooth. But, regardless of the cause, loose adult teeth are one of many top dental emergencies.

In some cases, people might know what caused their teeth to loosen. For example, if a baseball hits your mouth, you’ll know that trauma is the cause. 

However, if you have a health problem or gum disease, you might not realize the cause of the loose tooth.

Determining the cause can provide insight to the dentist for treating the issue. It also helps prevent loose teeth in some situations. 

Contact an Emergency Dentist

As soon as you notice the problem, you’ll instantly wonder what to do if you have a loose adult tooth. The answer is to search for “emergency dental care near me.” After all, you’ll need an emergency dentist to examine the tooth.

Dentists that offer emergency dental care generally offer extended hours. But you should contact the clinic before going there.

The dentist clinic might open as needed. Thus, it would help if you let them know you’re coming.

You can tell them about your loose tooth. They might ask questions about the tooth to determine what to do. Additionally, they might give you instructions on handling the tooth until you arrive at the clinic.

Get the Treatment You Need

When you seek professional help for a loose tooth, the dentist examines it. First, the dentist will take x-rays to see the bone and roots. Then, they’ll decide how to proceed.

Dentists address loose teeth in several ways. The method used depends on the cause. 

One treatment option is to splint the tooth. This process involves cementing the loose tooth to the teeth next to it. The cement holds it in place and gives the roots time to strengthen.

When teeth become loose due to gum disease, dentists must treat the disease to save the tooth. They offer scaling and root planing services to address gum disease. 

Another treatment option is bone grafting. Dentists can add bone to hold the tooth in place if the tooth is loose due to a lack of bone structure.

Don’t Ignore a Loose Adult Tooth

As you can see, getting help for a loose adult tooth is the best way to treat the problem. Ignoring it won’t fix the issue. Instead, it might cause you to lose the tooth.

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