When it comes to reducing your energy costs during the winter months but stay comfortable, discover the best thermostat temperature!

The Best Thermostat Temperature to Reduce Your Winter Bills

did you know that the cost of heating and cooling accounts for 42% of residential energy consumption?

In an effort to save money, many are looking to install more efficient heating systems. However, there is much more you can do that can reduce your heating bill.

One of the most important steps you can take is to change your thermostat temperature. A common practice, many people don’t realize how much it can reduce their utility bill.

So what is the best thermostat temperature to reduce your winter bill? By following the tips below, you’ll save tons this winter!

Right Temperature When You’re Awake and Active

Keeping the right temperature when awake and active is essential to reducing winter bills. During the day, it’s best to keep the thermostat at around 21-22 degrees Celsius to ensure maximum comfort. This will keep you warm and still be energy efficient

It may be tempting to crank up the heat in your home during winter, but this will only lead to higher bills. Wear extra layers, and use blankets and curtains to trap the heat in the winter to keep your home warm. Make sure to use heaters with thermostats to help reduce energy costs during the cold season. 

Right Temperature When You Sleep

When it comes to reducing winter bills and keeping the right temperature while you sleep, setting your thermostat to a lower temperature at night is one of the best ways to conserve energy. A temperature of around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Doing so helps keep your energy bills low and improves air circulation during the night, making your home more comfortable.

Additionally, it keeps your body temperature regulated, decreasing the chance of being too hot or too cold and allowing for a much more restful sleep. By keeping your thermostat at a comfortable but lower temperature, you can reduce your winter bills and get a good night’s sleep – it’s a win-win!

Right Temperature When You’re Away

To reduce heat bills, the best thermostat temperature for when you are away is around 10-12°C (50-54°F). At this temperature, the thermostat will use less energy to keep the home warm, resulting in lower bills. It’s also a comfortable temperature for when you return home, so there’s no need to make drastic adjustments. When you are home, a slightly higher setting of 16-18°C (61-64°F) works best; this will keep you comfortable without causing your bill to spike unnecessarily. 

When the thermostat is lower, the house cools more slowly, which allows heated air from outside to bleed in and warm up the house, reducing the amount of energy being used for cooling. Likewise, if the thermostat is set too high, the heater works harder and uses more energy, as well as becoming less efficient. You can also contact a reliable HVAC company to get personalized advice on the best thermostat temperature for your home to reduce winter bills.

Controlling the Thermostat Temperature

In conclusion, finding the right thermostat temperature in the winter months is key to reducing your winter bills. Utilizing temperature settings between 10-12 degrees Celsius while you’re away and around 21-23 degrees Celsius, while you’re home is a good way to start.

With these tips, you can ensure you’re staying warm and keeping your warm winter bills low. Contact an energy provider if you are unsure of what temperature setting will work best for you.

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