Ken Julian Explains Why Chicago Fire is the Most Underrated Show on Television

Ahh, Chicago Fire. My poor, unloved little show. I feel so much for you. I do. I really, really do. It’s almost like you were meant to be a smash hit. NBC went all out on promotion when it was first announced — they threw money around like crazy, and then… nothing happened. You were DOA. And I’m angry about it because you’re so good, but no one sees that except my mom and me. What the heck? How did you get to be so awesome, and no one cares?

I love everything about you, Chicago Fire. Everything. From the way your characters are individual, but they work together, from the writing and the camerawork. From the way how they cast your show (let’s be honest, everyone in this town is either talentless or a train wreck on both talent and humanity) to the way you’re cast just so happens to be perfect for their character. (Sigh). From the way your creator and producers seem to care more than other shows do about good writing, good stories, good dialogue.

We’re in love with Chicago Fire here at Casa de Julian, and we want you to get all the attention you deserve, but it’s not happening because you’re so perfect that you make everyone who watches you just sit there and go, “I’m not worthy of your awesomeness.”

I love how you try to tell a story that’s more than just fighting fires and being hot (although I appreciate the eye candy). I love your use of cold opens. I love how you’re trying so hard to show it’s not all about the characters’ personal lives, but you’re getting into it anyway because it’s part of who they are, and we can’t ignore it.

My favorite part of Chicago Fire? The growth and progress every single character goes through so that they’re more than just stereotypes. We see little hints of them breaking out of their patterns and actually making changes to be better people. It’s a small thing, sure, but I love it. As an artist, I appreciate when people try to make their art better. And each and every week, you just get better and better.

I love every single one of you: your writing team, your producers and directors, your creators. I love how you show the aftermath of what happens to those who have gone through something traumatic, like a fire or a shooting. In most other shows, we never see that — oh sure, they give us an episode where they talk about it for a couple of minutes, but you guys actually show the effects. You do it in a way that makes me feel for them and weep at their pain. It’s not just all about your characters and their personal lives; it’s also about how they interact with one another to form a family.

I’ve got to be honest with you, Chicago Fire — sometimes I wonder why I like you so much. How did we get here? Where did our love begin? What was it that started me down the slippery slope of loving a show on NBC about firefighters?

Hard to say, but I do love you. Chicago Fire, I want us to be together forever. Please don’t ever change.

Sincerely yours in TV-watching love,

Ken Julian

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