If you're new to vaping, there are several things you should know. Learn how to vape correctly by checking out this guide.

How to Vape: A Guide for Beginners

Did you know that more than 5.6 million adults in the United States vape? If you are new to the world of vaping, there are a few things you must know to have the best experience. Our guide below will share how to vape and our top vaping for beginners tips. 

Read on to learn our top vaping tips.

Beginner Starter Kit

Our first tip is to buy a starter kit. You can expect to pay between $20 to $60 for your kit, depending on what you choose. The most common types of vapes include AIOs, pod vapes, e-cigarettes, and disposable e-cigarettes. 

AIOs are refillable, while pod vapes are either refillable or prefilled and disposable.

E-cigarettes are also refillable or prefilled and disposable, and the disposable e-cigarette options are prefilled and disposable. No matter the kit you choose to buy, it should come with its own set of instructions on the best way to use and charge the vape itself. 

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Vape Juice

Next, you will need to choose a vape juice for your kit. There are plenty of options when it comes to the flavor and there are also different nicotine levels to choose from. If you prefer a lower nicotine option, this vape juice is best with a higher-power vape kit and it will have between 0 mg to 6 mg of nicotine.

For those that prefer higher nicotine, they contain between 12 mg to 60 mg of nicotine and they are best with lower power. For those that need a middle ground, there are medium nicotine vape juices that are between 6 mg to 12 mg of nicotine. 


When you first inhale from your vape, you can have a terrible experience if you don’t inhale correctly. You can end up coughing non-stop and feel a rush of nicotine that isn’t pleasant. The two most common inhaling techniques include direct lung and mouth-to-lung. 

If you have a larger vape with less nicotine, then a direct lung inhale is best. When you take a drag it is going to feel like you are sucking air through a milkshake straw. You will have a quick draw of vapor straight into your lungs and will exhale the vapor almost immediately after. 

The second technique is called mouth-to-lung. This works best in smaller vapes that have high-resistance coils while using high nicotine. The key is to slowly draw the vapor into your mouth for a few seconds and then hold the vapor for one to two seconds in your mouth while it is closed.

Next, you open your mouth and breathe the vapor into your lungs and then exhale after the vapor is in your lungs. 

Now You Know How to Vape

Hopefully, now that you learned how to vape, you are feeling more confident about vaping even if you are a newbie. 

Did this article come in handy? We have more where this came from, make sure you check out the rest of this section for our latest guides. 

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