Are you looking for the right type of flooring to finish off your home? Read here for a homeowner's guide to the different types of flooring to find your match.

A Homeowner’s Guide to the Different Types of Flooring

Did you know that the global flooring market reached US$ 333.6 billion in 2021?

Are you thinking about upgrading your house’s flooring?

All the popular publications have had a “best flooring guide” in the past year. From that guide, you’ve realized you have no idea what flooring you should get for your house.

Maybe your flooring is regular, old carpet right now. Perhaps you have the old vinyl flooring, or maybe you have tile. Want to learn more? We can help! Here’s a guide to different types of flooring:

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is one of the types of flooring that has an exquisite choice for many homeowners, as it creates a warm, inviting atmosphere with visual appeal and long-term durability. The term wood flooring is quite broad and can refer to many different materials, such as solid hardwood, engineered wood, bamboo, and laminate. 

This type of wood flooring comprises single planks of wood. It provides a classic look, can be refinished multiple times, and can last for decades if properly maintained.

When choosing new flooring, consider factors like budget, lifestyle, and environmental impact to pick the suitable wood for your home.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

Due to their cost-effectiveness and durability, ceramic and porcelain tiles are some of the most popular residential flooring used by homeowners.

Ceramic tile is made from clay and fired at high temperatures. It is then glazed with a decorative layer. Porcelain tile uses clay but has a more impermeable coating and is baked at a higher temperature than ceramic tile.

Both can add beauty to a room due to the variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Both are good low-maintenance options that are less likely to stain, discolor, and require regular waxing or refinishing.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

A luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is one of the most versatile and stylish flooring options for homeowners. LVT is a popular flooring choice for various reasons, including its water-resistant qualities, ease of installation, and durable nature.

LVT has a distinctive, multi-layered construction that involves a print layer, transparent wear layer, and waterproof backing. Consider also micro cement floors; it provides an attractive appearance and excellent wear resistance.


Carpeting is an excellent option for high-traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms. Carpets usually come in both looped and cut piles.

Loop pile carpets are made of loops of yarn which provides a softer feel, while cut pile carpets have strands of yarn that are cut to create a much more formal, cleaner look. Carpeting also provides a great deal of insulation, making it energy efficient and can help reduce noise. Be sure to research each type before making a decision.

Finding Different Types of Flooring for Your Home

The right flooring can make all the difference in the look and quality of your home. Now that you know the ins and outs of all the different types of flooring, why not explore the options available to you? Whether your style is traditional or modern, you can find the perfect flooring to fit your home.

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