Dark, moody, and magical, witchy aesthetic has taken the world by storm. Here are ideas for witchy decor for your home.

5 Ideas for Witchy Decor

Do you know that the home decor industry is expected to grow $202 billion by 2024?

If you are one of those people wants to turn their home into a witch’s lair without making it look Halloween-y, then consider adding some witchy decor to liven it up. Look no further than this article. Here, we’re going to teach you how to decorate your home using which items.

We’ll also show you how to add witchy decor to the inside and outside of your home.

With that in mind, here’s our guide on how to decorate your home like a witch.

1. Use of Natural Skull Elements

One great way to incorporate nature into your home and a touch of witchy vibes is to use skulls as decor. Nature’s skulls can be found in many shapes, sizes, and colors with an array of sources like bones of small animals, antlers, and driftwood.

From animal skull-like deer antlers to real fox skulls and everything in between, skulls can be combined with candles and dried plants to create a feeling of the outdoors in your home. If you’re looking for some witchy decor for your home, check out skunk skull available for sale now.

2. Try Different Colored Candles

The witchy decor is great for anyone who feels a pull to all things mystical and magical! Going with a dominant color palette such as deep purples and dark blues can create an instantly alluring atmosphere.

But one of the best ways to add to your decor is by using candles of different sizes and colors. They set the mood simply by being lit and adding a layer of sensory pleasure. 

3. Apply Dark and Mysterious Colors

Enliven your space with dark and mysterious witchy interior decoration. From deep purples to blues and blacks, there’s a range of colors for you to choose from.

Set the dark colors and mysterious tone with juxtapositions such as black velvet drapings, sheer lace curtains, and heavy tapestries. Then add in some unique floral arrangements, art pieces, and witch aesthetic textiles.

4. Utilize Spooky Items

A perfect way to decorate for a spooky witchy vibe is to bring in items that are full of movement and mystique. String up a floating garland of black crows along a wall or mantle.

Encircle that with a border of flickering jack-o-lanterns and old-fashioned candle sticks. Add a hint of color around the edges with a few bunches of dried corn stalks and woven baskets.

5. Add Cast Iron Cauldrons

Cast iron cauldrons are an excellent addition to any witchy decor choices. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, but they also give the space an immediate sense of antiquity and mysticism. Hang from the ceiling by thick rope or secure to a solid wall with heavy anchors.

Add herbs, crystals, oils, candles, or gemstones for additional energy and ambiance. Craft an altar with your cauldrons as the centerpiece for your ultimate shrine. For the more visual decorator, fill them with flowers, plants, fruits, or even dried onions and garlic around the room to make it feel like a moody enchanted realm. 

Use This Witchy Decor Ideas Today

The witchy decor is a fun way to spruce up any home. With no shortage of ideas inspired by literature, history, and nature, you can bring your unique magical aesthetic to life. Use these elements of nature’s skulls, colored candles, dark and mysterious colors, and spooky items, and add cast iron cauldrons.

Have fun and get creative! Now go forth and make your bewitching decor today!

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