It is important to recognize the early signs of bed bugs before it turns into a huge issue. Here are a few signs that you have bed bugs in your home.

5 Early Signs of Bed Bugs to Look Out For

Bed bugs are sweeping across the world! Since the 1990s, 135 countries have reported serious problems with bed bugs. Bugs can destroy furniture and spread harmful diseases. 

Yet you’re not helpless to the swarms of bed bugs. If you understand the early signs of bed bugs, you can take control of your home and bring an infestation to a close. 

What are the signs of bed bugs in the early days of an infestation? What are the signs that an infestation is spreading? When should you call a bed bug treatment company?

Answer these questions and you can have a bug-free home in less time than you think. Here are five signs of bed bugs. 

1. Live Bed Bugs

The telltale sign of a bed bug infestation is bed bugs. Bed bugs like to hide out of sight, so look inside the crevices in your mattress and bedding. They are very small, so use a magnifying glass so you can get a good look at them. 

Bed bugs are reddish-brown with round bodies and short legs. They resemble other insects, especially beetles. Take a photo of them or try to capture one so you can determine that it is actually a bed bug. 

2. Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs can bite your exposed skin, especially if you put your arms or legs close to your bed frame. Bites resemble small red welts, which can be similar to pimples or mosquito bites. Bugs tend to bite together, so if you notice a series of bites close together, you may have bed bugs. 

3. Sheet Stains and Specks

You may wake up and discover blood stains on your sheets or bedding. A welt on your skin can open up and leak blood onto the sheets. You may crush a bug as you move around in your sleep, spreading its blood. 

Bugs can also leave their droppings, producing brown or black spots on your sheets. If there is no apparent cause for your stains, you likely have bed bugs in the home.

4. Unusual Odors

Bed bugs secrete pheromones that smell like copper. You may notice the pheromones as you walk into the room, or you may smell them as you are cleaning. Take note of where you smelled the odor so you can look for bugs. 

5. Eggs

A bed bug can lay more than one egg every single day. Look for eggs where you have noticed live bugs. The eggs are extremely small, white, and ovular, making them nearly identical to grains of rice. 

Finding a lot of eggs suggests that you have a large infestation. You need to get help in order to get rid of bed bugs, so call this pest control company as soon as possible.

The Early Signs of Bed Bugs

Early signs of bed bugs are harder to notice than you might think. Bed bugs are the classic sign, yet they hide in your furniture and are extremely small. Bites can resemble other things, and stains may come from burst pimples or spread cuts. 

Bugs can produce strong pheromones and leave eggs. These two signs indicate your infestation is getting worse. Call a company as soon as you see these signs and throw out your bedding. 

Knowing the early signs is just one step toward ending an infestation. Read more guides to bed bugs by following our coverage.

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