The look of a house from the outside can take on a whole new meaning for the neighborhood. These house exterior styles will turn many heads.

4 House Exterior Styles That Turn Heads in the Modern Age

Are you interested in spicing up the look of your home but wondering what will look good?

Home exteriors are often overlooked if you’re trying to remodel or renovate. However, a lot of people will notice the exterior of a home before anything else. You want to make sure that it stands out to homebuyers and neighbors instead of looking outdated.

It can be difficult to decide on certain house exterior styles. There are several that can be timeless instead of seeming old-fashioned. And that’s where we come in.

Read on to know more.

1. Bold and Bright Colors

Bold bright colors are increasingly becoming the statement of style for modern-day house exteriors. These brightly colored homes often feature shades of blues, greens, and intelligent uses of accent colors to add a stunning touch to the overall look of the home. In some cases, the colors will be implemented over the entire exterior house designs, while other homes will strategically use pops of color with door and window trim.

It’s an impressive transformation when an old or antiquated home is updated with these innovative colors. Those eye-catching colors transform the look of the entire home, making it more inviting and stylish for the modern age. And with the variety of colors to choose from, no house exterior will have a cookie-cutter look. 

2. Classic and Timeless Neoclassical Exteriors

With a variety of features such as recessed doorways and window sills, neoclassical exteriors offer an effortless blend of luxury and grace. Add in the hint of history with traditional balconies and corbels, and the outside of the house will make the right first impression. Furthermore, the light-colored material used on the exterior of the house, including the use of limestone, truly brings out the result of a regal and timeless appeal. 

3. Contemporary Masonry Modern Twist

This contemporary style combines the rustic texture of brick masonry with a clean, modern design. The brick is laid in an interesting pattern to create an eye-catching 3-D effect. In addition to brick, stainless steel and other modern materials can also be incorporated into wall designs.

The combination of modern materials with the timeless look of brick masonry creates a look both pleasing to the eye and extremely sophisticated. 

4. Rustic Charm Homes With an Old-Fashioned Feel

Rustic charm homes with an old-fashioned feel create a cozy, inviting atmosphere, unlike any other house exterior styles. With elements of comfort, warmth, and traditional design, these homes evoke a feeling of home no matter where you are. The outside of these homes often features wood shutters, wooden doors, and cedar shake roofs all providing a naturalistic feel.

Some roofs come in many different forms, from slate and metal to shake and shingle. It’s essential to take the regional climate and other factors such as how the house is used into consideration when selecting the ideal roofing material. That’s why it’s so important to work with experienced and knowledgeable roofers who can provide quality advice and excellent craftsmanship.

Transform Your Homes Curb Appeal With These House Exterior Styles

This modern age has inspired exterior house styles to be eye-catching and bold. Whether traditional or modern, there are limitless possibilities to create your dream home.

Why not leap and explore the wild possibilities of house exterior styles today? You’ll be sure to turn heads!

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