Apps That Can Help You Save For Your Child’s College

Becoming a parent is no doubt one of the best feelings in the world, but it can also be one of the most worrying. There’s a lot more to parenting than dirty diapers and first words. The responsibilities that come along play a significant role in how your child grows and what they grow into. Among all the duties, good education comes on top. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have enough money to bear the expenses of higher education.

But as we all know saving some money in this century isn’t an easy job due to the rising cost of necessities. From food and clothes to other obligations,  everything is getting more and more expensive but as a parent, you still need to save something for your child’s college, and that’s where you need to learn to budget accordingly.

Yes, you read that right! Managing your expenses is the only solution you are left with. Believe it or not, it’s not that difficult to save for your child’s college because luckily, we are living in the digital age and we have got some perfect applications that can help with this daunting task.

Here are some of the best apps that really come in handy  in managing your expenses and saving for your child’s education;

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TIAA-CREF App Overview

For starters, this application is totally free of cost, and it’s available on both, the Play Store and iTunes. With the help of this app, you can quickly start a savings plan for your child’s college, and by following this planner strictly, you will definitely be able to save some big-time money at the end of every year. Not only that but with the help of this app you can even calculate the estimated cost that you need for your child’s college, and it will also tell you how much you need to invest today.

Download it here: Google Play | Apple App Store

2. Mint

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Mint App Overview

Mint is an award-winning application, Part of the reasoning for this is due to the fact that this app will give you alerts and warnings about saving your money and following your own created budget plan. With Mint, we are sure that you can quickly learn budget management and hence you will also be able to save for your little one’s college. So, if you really want a quick fix for all your budget problems then download Mint right now and start saving!

Download it here: Google Play | Apple App Store

3. Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator Overview

Want a more realistic app that actually makes you save money and manage your expenses? Well, if yes then download the Savings calculator right now and see the results on your own. This application is so far the best thing you will opt for this year. It’s more of a calculator that will let you calculate the amount of money you will need for your future plans.

Download it here: Google Play

These are the three best applications I have found right now. So, download any of them and see the difference a little assistance and motivation will provide in helping you save the money you need for your child’s education.

Which type of drones’ best fits your lifestyle?

In recent years, there has been significant advancement taken place in the world of technology. It is become easier to access drones and quadcopters. As time has passed, the designing and manufacturing cost of drones has gone down and made it so more people can take up drones for different purposes. Are you a photographer or love to click photos? There is no better way to take pictures with your mini and portable drones and get amazing videos of different adventures. Or are you looking for a drone that is a bit easier to handle and durable for your children? But which type of drones can fit best in your daily lifestyle? In this article, I am going to share some affordable and easy-to-carry drones and quadcopters that you can use with your family or fulfilling your hobby.

Fineco FX-1

1. For Indoors: Nano Drone – Fineco FX-1

Want to fly inside? Then you are going to love this drone. Equal to the size of a matchbox, this drone can flip to 36-degrees and whizzes all around the house. Don’t know how to operate this indoor drone? No problem it is quite easy to operate and doesn’t leave any damage after crashing into something. The battery of Fineco FX-1 requires 30 minutes to charge fully and can last for the flight of 5 to 6 six minutes.

2. For Beginners: Altair 818 Hornet FPV Drone Camera

Are you looking to buy a drone for your kid? Is there any camera drones that can easily be operated by your children? Yes Hornet FPV Drone Camera is specially designed for kids. Made up with highly durable material, this drone camera is stable enough to stand up without any damage after many crashes. With the battery charging time of 110 minutes, this drone can take flight for a little over 15 minutes.

Image result for Pocket Drone Quadcopter

3. For Selfie Addicts: Pocket Drone Quadcopter

In today’s world, almost everyone is a lover of selfies, and with this selfie pro quadcopter, you can take your selfies to the next level. This drone is easy-to-carry and light, weighing in at less than a pound in weight. App control, compass control, self-timer, avoid hindrances and three-speed modes, this pro selfie drone allows you to take selfies from any angle.

4. For Pros on a budget: Yuneec Breeze

If you would like a little assistance with flying, then this Yuneec Breeze is the best choice for you. This drone camera has multiple features such as journey modes for covering a specific distance, a pint-sized camera that allows you to capture everything from 5 flight modes, back zoom option for a dramatic selfie, and set fixed location for taking a selfie with your family. With 4k images and 13 megapixels of the camera, you can move this drone in orbit for making a dramatic video of your track.

Image result for DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Quadcopter

5. For Pros with a little more to spend: DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Quadcopter

Want to capture photos of your trips and want to take selfies with your buddies? This DJI Phantom 4Pro drone is the best companion during your travels. With the 20 megapixel camera, this is pro selfie drone that allows you to take a selfie from five flight modes. This quadcopter also has the option of covering considerable distance so that you can take daring footage of your adventures. Hopefully, this article shown you that there is now a drone for everyone and the hardest part is not finding one but choosing the right one to fit your lifestyle and needs.